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Vegetable wholesale - carrots wholesale


DS was founded in 1959 as a processing company and commission-agent of vegetables and potatoes.  After some time, the company specializes more and more in the growing, the washing and the packaging of fresh carrots.  Today carrots represent 90% of our sales.


DS continuously makes extraordinary efforts to optimize growing, storing and processing of carrots. A great deal of attention is also paid to the distribution of our finished products. Three concepts are essential in this respect: quality, flexibility and reliability.  Furthermore, the applied automation has added the concept of speed.


DS can deliver its customers throughout the year, as well at the national market as abroad. We pack into punnets, bags, crates, cartons, big bags or in a packaging personalized at the request of the customer.


DS is also specialized in cutting the head, cutting in parts and peeling of carrots. These are cooled, by "hydrocooling", lower than 6° C and packed in crates of 20 Kg or in another packaging at the request of the customer.

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